Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s name comes from military terminology when a unit lost its combat power. Breakpoints indicate changes from attack to defense, from defense to exit, or from exit to survival – when Ghost Recon Breakpoint is released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 4, you will face a deadly enemy threat and become a way to promote survival in any way in a diverse and dangerous world.

Deep in the Pacific Ocean is the fictitious archipelago of Auroa, home to the huge research center of billionaire technology entrepreneur Jace Skell. When the US military began to discover the strange activities of Auroa, they would investigate the best. Enter Nomad, a fully customizable player character and an elite ghost of Ghost Recon Wildlands. When the hostile drone shot down the ghost helicopter, Nomad’s reconnaissance mission quickly became a struggle for survival. As the only survivor, Nomad soon knew that even the world’s highly trained hunters could become hunters.

Nomad’s warm welcome was provided by Cole D. Walker (played by Jon Bernthal), former Ghost and brothers who met for the first time in the Ghost Recon Wildlands Oracle operating system. In Breakpoint, Walker betrayed Ghosts and now leads the wolves, a hostile faction composed of elite former army soldiers who seized Skell’s facilities in Auroa. As a former Ghosts, the Wolves are deadly than any threat that Nomad has faced before, and because of their weaponized Skell drones, they also have the technologically advanced power to surpass anything Ghosts can get. Nomad (and his companion Ghosts, if you decide to join a four-person cooperative), need to survive for a long enough time to take down the Timberwolves and protect them from the world of Walker’s growing army.

“From the earliest stages of the breakpoint, survival is a huge driving force,” said writer, military adviser, 14-year-old Green Beret veteran Emil Daubon. “We want to create an illusion that players are trapped behind the enemy in survival and battle scenarios. Being alone in a hostile environment and relying on the surrounding environment to get food and water is an obvious, inner heart. Stress and anxiety. Ammunition, weapons and equipment.”

Mind Your Footing and Stamina

Auroa is a huge, diverse island with biomes ranging from snow-capped mountains, muddy marshes to tropical jungles and dull volcanoes. Each environment provides its tactical advantage, but more importantly, it poses its danger. Wolves and their drones aren’t the only ones that can hurt you. If you want to survive, you need to read the terrain and adjust your tactics.

“When we started consulting experts, they saw us providing tactical choices for players – but considering the terrain and the world itself, and all the problems and advantages that terrain can provide, there is a big gap,” said creative director Eric Couzian. “This is a revelation because we have a very diverse and open world. Now we can use it more to influence the gameplay. We interviewed the Special Forces soldiers who used to stop the task because they were sick or injured. Their goal, thanks to environmental factors, we hope to bring the military aspect of survival to Ghost Recon Breakpoint.”

Fatigue and injury will be genuine dangers, so you won’t run up each mountainside or down each incline your experience. If you need the strategic bit of leeway of higher ground, you’ll need to gauge the expense. Walking tough debilitates your stamina and moderates your development, and you won’t recuperate until you set aside an effort to back off, rest, or drink water. Similarly, run down a slope (particularly a sloppy one) can make you fall, bringing about potential wounds or location by adversaries.

New Stealth and Cover Options

Terrain will bring new challenges, but it will also provide tactical advantages. Jungle floors and muddy swamps are ideal for hiding due to the new prone camouflage feature. When you are lying in a natural environment with leaves or dirt, you can integrate into the environment by covering yourself with dirt or leaves, allowing you to approach undiscovered, slamming when hiding, or performing any new close-combat strikes. Enthusiastic enemy. It’s important to pay close attention to the surrounding environment, because if you don’t have something to cover yourself, then the prone camouflage won’t work – so don’t try it out when you sneak through the man-made facility or the Rocky Mountain.

“We introduced a lot of new features, including gameplay and narrative,” Daubon said. “When we work hard to improve the realism of Breakpoint, it’s important to remember that we are creating an illusion. The challenge is to find the balance between real details and playable, fun video games. Many of the new survival features we focus on are like the prone camouflage and the carrying body, it is a very real battle aspect.”

Injuries Can Cause Serious Damage

At Breakpoint, injury is not just a blow to your health; if left untreated, you may have a semi-permanent wound that seriously affects your game, and these wounds can only be cured outside of combat. Putting a bullet in your leg or falling on a landslide can damage things like movement and aim, and the ghost of the injury won’t fight the wolves for a long time. Injury is also closely related to another new survival mechanism: the ability to carry the body. When a cooperative is playing, an injured ally may make the team vulnerable and need to be taken to a safe place – such as after a cover or completely away from the battle – before it can be cured. The same mechanism applies to fallen enemies, and you can now avoid enemy detection and protect your stealth methods from sight.

New Classes Introduce Gameplay Variety

Hidden new options are just some of the ways to enhance gameplay in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The other is a brand new class system. Courses can be freely changed before the task and allow you to customize your load and skills to suit your favorite game style or situational needs. While the Assault and Sharpshooters categories excel in running and sniping, respectively, the Panther level is a stealth master and can be used for a clean exit with a dedicated smoke bomb or to re-enter the invisible state after alerting the guard. Although only three of the four classes available at the time of release have been released, Breakpoint will continue to add classes after the release. Choosing the right class before performing a mission, or as a complement to your cooperative squad, the difference between life and death when fighting a Wolves may be a more dynamic threat than ever before.

“There are more enemy prototypes, such as riflemen, saboteurs, and heavy weapons, all of which have different tactics and weapons,” Couzian said. “We also have new enemies because the Wolves are using all the drones that require different strategies. For example, a flying drone can be shot down without multiple shots, but it is difficult to hit, and a larger land drone it takes a lot of us to improve the diversity of gameplay; our goal is to ask the player a question and let them solve it in whatever way they want.”

Make Camp and Prep for Missions at The Bivouac

Whether you decide to solve a goal, you need to make sure you are prepared in advance; this is where the campsite comes in. The campsite is a makeshift camp where you can change your classes, customize your gear, heal your injuries, and make supplies that you can share among teammates, such as rations and bandages. Also, you can collect food, plants, and water in Auroa, and if you eat or drink them at the campsite before performing the task, you can give a temporary game fan. Finding these resources through hunting and water intake is essential to ensure that you are prepared to fight as much as possible. Bivouac also allows you to break the camp during the day and the weather conditions of your choice, so you can sneak into enemy bases under the cover of darkness and rain, or enter the guns under the blue sky.

Surviving in Solo or Co-Op

Preparation and planning are more important in Breakpoint than ever before. Nomad is trapped and alone; there are no mission briefs, no detailed goals, and no clear map markers. If you want to succeed, you need to collect Intel, research your map, find your goals, and execute your goals yourself. You will no longer have a team of three AI players (although you can still participate in the entire Breakpoint four-player competition), so if you are a soloist, Nomad will be alone.

Fortunately, playing alone doesn’t mean you lose team-based gaming opportunities, such as synchronized shots, which allows you to take multiple enemy targets simultaneously in a coordinated attack. In Breakpoint, simultaneous shooting can be performed using up to three deployable mini drones, so even solo players can sync up to four headshots. Since all progress and equipment are shared in solo and collaboration, all four human team members can bring their drones to the party, which means that a complete team can perform large-scale 16-target synchronization shooting.

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