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Watch dogs Legion is a next action experience game created by Ubisoft Toronto and distributed by Ubisoft. It is expected to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia on March 6, 2020. It will be the third portion in the Watch dogs’ arrangement and the spin-off of Watch dogs 2. The game is set inside a fictionalized portrayal of London planned as an open world and is playable from a third-individual point of view. It includes the capacity to control various characters that can be enlisted over the game’s setting and who can be for all time lost throughout a playthrough. The game will likewise include a helpful multiplayer that will permit up to four players having the option to cooperating.

The game’s story centers around the endeavors of the London part of hacker bunch DedSec in fighting a dictator routine that has assumed responsibility for the United Kingdom, on account of the propelled observation framework known as ctOS. To aid this, DedSec enlisted people partners from over the city to free the city as an obstruction power. Each character in the game will have their own experience and range of abilities and give an increasingly powerful impact on the game’s account as the story advances.

Welcome To The Resistance

Build a resistance to fight back

London faces national surveillance, private military, artificial intelligence and the collapse of the Mafia. Recruit a comprehensive resistance to overthrow the tourists who destroyed this once great city. The fate of London lies with you.

Play as Any One

Anyone can be your weapon

Each character has its own background story, personality and skill set – all of which will work when you personalize your team. Switch between roles as you explore the open world with friends online. Enjoy free updates on new modes, rewards and theme events.

Recruit Any Character

Battle Back With All of London

Anyone you see on the street can be a resistance fighter around you. Everyone you meet – whether it’s a quarrel, a fashionista or a DJ – has its own story and its skills and allowances. Make an informed choice.

Play Your Way

Fight for the future

The new melee system and the variety of weapons and abilities mean that the way you approach the battle will have real consequences. If you use non-lethal force, the enemy will try to subdue and arrest you. If you shoot and kill, you may kill your character forever.

Watchdog: The Legion allows you to relax in London shortly, where you can play like anyone. Anyone you meet on the street can be recruited, and we have the opportunity to try it out on E3 2019. Now that the world has seen Watch Dogs: Legion for the first time, we want to take a moment to talk about the impressions of our E3 2019 presentation, discuss our favorite moments, and get a deeper understanding of how the recruitment and new role courses work. Our roundtable team members are Zachary Ryan, Mikel Reparaz and Youssef Maguid. Let us start our discussion with our overall impression.

Customize Your Recruits

Make Your Heroes Your Own

Personalize each member of your resistance and build a different skill set, from hacking to stealth to full-attack training. Further customization with unique clothing and iconic masks. Taking back the city, it looks very sharp.

Hack into London Tech

Control Drones, Deploy Bots, Blow It All Up

Destroy your path to victory by weaponizing London’s technology infrastructure. Hijack armed combat drones, deploy stealth spider robots, or use your technology to use explosive equipment systems. It depends on how you use technology to defy yourself against utopia.

Go In Guns Blazing

Londoner have been Weaponized

Your attack plan depends on you. Defeat the gathering with another scuffle framework and an assortment of weapons and capacities. If you like, you can go non-fatal, or open the door and explode. Remember that your assault-style will have different consequences.

Get The Gang Together

Bring your friends into the mess

You know, letting London return to the people is not necessarily a heroic solo excursion. When you’re doing new collaborative tasks and challenging final game content, team up with up to three friends.


Watchdog: The Legion allows you to relax in London soon, where you can play like anyone. Anyone you meet on the street can be recruited, and we have the opportunity to try it out on E3 2019. Now that the world has seen Watch Dogs: Legion for the first time, we want to take a moment to talk about the impressions of our E3 2019 presentation, discuss our favorite moments, and get a deeper understanding of how the recruitment and new role courses work. Our roundtable team members are Zachary Ryan, Mikel Reparaz and Youssef Maguid. Let us start our discussion with our overall impression.

Zach: Going out of the gate, it should be said that this game looks gorgeous. Watch Dogs: The London version of Legion is dirty and beautiful, and futuristic aesthetics help to distinguish this game from the previous series. I have to race like all three levels (more on this later) and find familiar mechanisms, but overall improvements, especially shooting. I played two 45-minute demos, during which time I completed a very important part of London, recruited a few people to my DedSec team, completed a story mission, and finally went crazy, drone driving rampage. It was an explosion!

Mikel: I think a key factor in driving home is that no matter which level you play, the basic feeling of the watchdog is still here. Everyone can still destroy the world around them; for example, when you sneak away, you can make a phone call to distract the enemy or lock the gun from a distance to ensure that you can’t start shooting when it is discovered. You can cover the vehicle to transfer it to traffic or trigger an environmental hazard during a high-speed chase to stop the pursuer.

In other words, the grandmother who plays the hack at the beginning of the presentation is, of course, a new feeling. You can recruit anyone in the game, including everyone over the years. (On one occasion, I found that an old man is shuffling and briefly considers building a full-time hacker squad, but maybe I will save it throughout the game.) She moves a bit slow and encounters when crossing obstacles Some trouble, but the use of her – and her remote control spider robot – into a tightly protected outpost operated by Albion has some internal calm, the latter is a private army, effectively occupying London. After entering, I used a spider robot to stun the guards and wipe some compromise data, then stole one of their armored trucks and escaped, and after some care on the busy street, somehow slipped them.

Instead, my first real newcomer was Jessamyn Bakare, a film critic born in Nigeria, and I decided to recruit her because she was frustrated that I met her in a crowded bar. On behalf of her, I sneaked into the outpost, destroyed Albion’s blackmail material for her, and then she joined enthusiastically. However, after all of this, I realized that another operator is closer to the task I am doing – all your DedSec operators exist and move in the open world when you don’t control them – so I switch immediately to him, – 20% healthy debuff and all. Fast travel is usually a choice between the subway station and nearby operators, and sometimes it’s more fun to roll the dice to see what you get.

Youssef: Play as feels like an almost endless and exciting system that allows me to analyze and recruit characters in my DedSec team for dozens of hours into Watch Dogs: Legion. It’s one thing to hear that you can play like anyone, but the way you see it works is completely different. You can’t just go to anyone and hold down the button to recruit them; each character in the legion is unique and has its schedule, relationships, needs, and needs. If you want them to join your resistance, you need to develop their needs and needs and make sure you don’t change their relationship.

I highly recommend recruiting an operating room with the characteristics of “maybe random death.” Of course, if they happen to kick it at an untimely moment, this is a big failure, but their positive qualities usually make up for their short life. Taking out the Albion base and being able to withstand 100% extra damage made me feel almost invincible, but thinking of it at any moment may be the last time I added a metaphorical tick clock to all of my actions.


Everyone you recruit has your own background story and motivation, and these background clips can tell them the overall state gains and weaknesses. A character boxed in idle time may get a melee buff, and a person working as an IT consultant may be faster than other characters. Each of these properties also helps determine which class should be assigned to the character. In Watch Dogs: Legion, the skill trees in the early games have been enriched into their lessons, with their privileges and statistics. Which courses did you spend the most time and the most interesting courses?

Zach: After growing up, I like stealth games, so the intruder courses immediately caught my attention. I like the ability of this class to hide it is invisible. Also, I realized how annoying this is, but I think this ability to have a narrative explanation in the Watch Dogs: Legion world is very cool. If everyone feeds the AR directly into their eyes, why can’t the DedSec operator crack it and erase itself from the world around it?

It is very cool to use this invisibility to penetrate the enemy’s stronghold. If you are found, it will give you a little buffer, but you can get close to the enemy and create an opportunity to eliminate them more easily. It is also very convenient for invisible shield enemies that have been removed so that the enemy characters can’t see them, making it easier to avoid being discovered. Many invisible games will let you hide your enemy’s body or perform risk detection, but this method can quickly deal with enemies around you.

Mikel: I have three games on this or another game, but I think Huck is my favorite at this point. Infiltrators are covered up, obviously, yet when you hold up outside, significantly progressively, unpretentious is the mind-blowing arachnid robot into the threat zone. It can use the siren to remove the guards (and scan their contact information for later recruitment – yes, you can play like anyone), climb through small spaces that humans can’t access, and crack anything you can do, including The control panel that requires physical interaction (the way to attack you through the Watch Dogs task is often the trickiest part. I also like to have no restrictions on hackers, hacking; if I want to turn heavy drones into my will and let them attack their handlers, I can.

Hackers are not the most capable courses, but it doesn’t matter if you never have to approach your goals. If you like to sneak into the distance and manipulate the environment to suit your idea.

Initial release date: March 2020

Publisher(s): Ubisoft

Designer: Clint Hocking

Series: Watch Dogs

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia

Developers: Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Ukraine, Ubisoft Romania, Ubisoft Toronto

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